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Notes (Notlar)

Türkçe'deki notlarım aşağıdadır (my notes in Turkish are below).

The word notes here refers to course lecture notes or other so-called expository writing. I may blame my calculus teacher (about whom I wrote a blog article) for first giving me the idea that the best teachers create their own textbooks. I do not necessarily agree with this any more, at least not in all cases; but the fact remains that, in teaching a course, I am usually not satisfied to follow anybody's textbook but my own.

Expository writing may be based on historical research. It is possible that mathematical research—the discovery of new theorems—may result; I cite my paper, Model-theory of vector-spaces over unspecified fields, as an example. I have also drafted a monograph on Euclid's number theory, arguing for a (more or less) new and (I think) better way of understanding this theory.

In English (İngilizce’de)

Course notes




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Çarpma yöntemleri (Facebook'a koyduğum resimler) // Multiplication methods (pictures I put on Facebook)

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