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Math history course log

From a sequence of two third-year courses, Math 303 and 304, given at METU in 2009–10. Students read original sources (in translation as necessary) and presented them at the blackboard, in the style of my own alma mater, St John's College.

At Mimar Sinan I am involved in a similar course, but in Turkish, for first-year students; I keep a log of this course too.

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Log version of September 18, 2013

A5 paper; 10 point type; 204 pages.

Minor adjustments and corrections; preface added.

Log version of December 5, 2012

A5 paper; 10 point type; 201 pages.

Some typos were corrected, some diagrams were added, my address was changed from METU to Mimar Sinan.

Log version of June 20, 2011

A5 paper; 10 point type; 200 pages.

The main change was the paper size. I also added some diagrams, and I reworded some parts of the "Apology" in the "Prolegomena".

Log version of July 30, 2010

B5 paper

10 point type; 175 pp.

American letter paper

12 point type; 178 pp.

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