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Elementary Number Theory II

Added January 5, 2018. Revised notes (A5 paper, 12 point type, 153 pages):

Math 366, spring, 2007/8 (section 1, the unique section)



The official text for the course is the lectures. My own notes are available:

(The earlier notes changed little in the preparation of the later version: the main change was the addition of new equation numbers for later reference.)

Works consulted in preparing the lectures include:


I can talk about any of the following exercises in class, if you ask me the day before.

  1. Exercise set I:
  2. Exercise set II:
  3. Exercise set III:
  4. Exercise set IV:
  5. Exercise set V:


All solutions are now available. (Final-exam solutions corrected and expanded, June 12, 2008.)
  1. Monday, March 24, 17.40. The exam: Solutions:
  2. Monday, May 26, 17.40, in M–103. The exam: Solutions:
  3. Final exam: Monday, June 2, at 16.30, in M–08. Problems and solutions together:


The best two in-term exams count 30% each; the final, 40%.

Results (here are: last two digits of ID number; letter grade)

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