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Analitik Geometri // Analytic Geometry

Analitik Geometri (MAT 104) dersi, 2014–5

Analitik Geometri (Analytic Geometry, MAT 104) is taken in the second semester of the first undergraduate year in our department. Öklid Geometrisine Giriş (Introduction to Euclidean Geometry, MAT 113), will have been taken in the first semester. The Euclidean geometry course is literally that: students read Book I of Euclid's Elements and present the propositions. They are also asked to find their own proofs, on the basis of that book, for results not found there.

While leading a section of the Euclid course for four years, I developed ideas about how the transition to analytic geometry should be made. Some ideas ended up in an 8-page note of January 23, 2013 called From Euclid to Descartes; more extensive concerns are detailed in the 107 pages of Analytic Geometry (January 28, 2015). When I taught our analytic geometry course for myself in the spring of 2014–15, I kept a summary of what we did: Analitik Geometri Özeti, in Turkish, on the course webpage above, but with a 5-page English foreward (and reformatted), here (64 pages, A5 paper, 12-point type, dated April 8, 2016):

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