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Antalya Algebra Days XIV, in Çeşme

May 16–20, 2012

May 24, 2012: some speakers have provided their slides. As more slides are sent in, they will be made available here.

May 7, 2012: the following two pdf files are now available, but don't bother printing them: copies will be distributed at the meeting.

Normal arrivals will be May 15; departures, after noon on May 20.

We are not in Antalya this year; we are on the Aegean coast, on Turkey's Çeşme Peninsula, in the village of Ildırı, which in ancient times was Erythrae.

To arrive by air, use İzmir Adnan Menderes International Airport (not Antalya Airport!). Ground transportation to and from the conference site will be available (details will be provided later ground transportation information is now available; the conference site is about 80 km from the airport).

For adventurous types who wish to arrive by sea, there is also an international ferry between Çeşme and the Greek island of Chios. (At least two of the organizers—David and Pınar—have used this ferry, if you are interested.)

While they are in the area, conference participants may also want to visit the Nesin Mathematics Village near the village of Şirince, a dolmuş-ride away from the town of Şelçuk, which is itself worth visiting for a number of reasons. Contact organizer Özlem for information about events at the Mathematics Village.

As for a number of years, our local agent for the Algebra Days continues to be Tivrona Tours. The hotel we are using is called Kaya Prestige Sunshine. See the registration page.

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Travel support for student members of the Association for Symbolic Logic may be available; the deadline for application for this support is February 15 (that is, 3 months before the meeting).

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