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The logo of the American Mathematical Society includes (or used to include) the slogan that was supposedly found at the door of Plato's Academy in Athens:


—Let none ignorant of geometry come under my roof. This would be an entirely inappropriate slogan for a university, whose purpose is to dispell ignorance, not to drive away people who for the moment may happen to be ignorant. I suppose the AMS chose the slogan as a reminder of the value of mathematics to philosophy.

In the introduction to The Idea of Nature, Collingwood decries the separation of science and philosophy; I would do the same for mathematics and philosophy:

Before the nineteenth century the more eminent and distinguished scientists at least had always to some extent philosophized about their science, as their writings testify. And inasmuch as they regarded natural science as their main work, it is reasonable to assume that these testimonies understate the extent of their philosophizing. In the nineteenth century a fashion grew up of separating natural scientists and philosophers into two professional bodies, each knowing little about the other's work and having little sympathy with it. it is a bad fashion that has done harm to both sides…

Here I have gathered some more-or-less philosophical materials that are (or have been) useful to me, or that I have had a hand in creating.

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